Doubled TroubleD

Double TroubleD

Aromatics: Toasted Malt, Sweet, Complex Fruit and Floral
Mouth: Malty, Sweet, Citrus and Hops

Many of our best ideas start while enjoying a drink with friends, and Double TroubleD is no exception.  This whiskey was conceived over beers with our friends at Fordham and Dominion Brewing in Dover, DE.  We noted that whiskey starts its life as "beer", and they asked what would happen if we distilled one of their beers into a whiskey.  Liquid inspiration in hand we took their Double D Imperial IPA and distilled it into a robust, hoppy, and malty spirit, then aged it in our whiskey barrels for 18 months. During aging, it mellowed and picked up sweet oak flavors and color.  The result is a complex spirit that embodies the best of the beer, albeit at 47% abv.  We consider "Double TroubleD" a Hop flavored Malt Whiskey; however, TTB rules prevent the use of "whiskey" on the label because “hops were present during fermentation, prior to distillation and barrel finishing”.

Sip this one neat, on the rocks, or in an old fashioned with your IPA loving friends!

Jennifer Haller