Diamond State Straight Corn Whiskey

Diamond State Corn Whiskey

Aromatics: Sweet, Corn, Apple and Caramel/Toffee

Mouth: Corn, Sweet, hints of Oak with a Smokey finish.

There is something both primal and divine about sitting around a camp fire with friends, enjoying a drink and spinning stories from the days events.  It is those nights that inspired our Diamond State Straight Corn Whiskey.  We crafted this whiskey to have a sweet flavor from the corn mash, and balanced that with Apple and Mesquite wood smoked malts to give a smoky finish.  This whiskey is rested for two years in barrels that once held our Diamond State Bourbon (see the purple details on the label?) and is a fine sipping whiskey. We like to enjoy it over ice, or with a splash of quality hot cider on those chilly fall evenings.

WhiskeyJennifer Haller