Silver Screen Vodka

Silver Screen Vodka

Aromatics: Grass, Wheat, Clean, Vanilla

Mouth: Sweet, Wheat, Melon

100% Wheat. Clean, clear, slightly sweet with notes of vanilla and wheat.

The movies have always been something magical. Bigger than life, aspirational, emotional, and fun. That is the feeling we have when we distill a great spirit in our converted 1940’s movie house. Excited to see how it develops, captivated by the story, and on the edge of our seats to share it with you. Silver Screen Vodka is our ode to that feeling.  It’s fun, crafted from the finest cast of raw ingredients, and ready to be enjoyed in its classic form, neat and chilled, or in a new blockbuster cocktail.  We invite you to sit back and enjoy.

vodkaJennifer Haller