Diamond State Straight Rye Whiskey

Diamond State Straight Rye

Aromatics: Black Pepper, Leather, Ash, Toffee

Mouth: A touch of sweetness, contrasted with spice, cardamom, mint, white pepper, dry

Diamond State Rye is a shining example of our approach to branding at Painted Stave Distilling: celebrate and retell local history.

Just to our south, Diamond State Rye was originally made by the Levy & Glosking Distillery, which was shut down by the strong tea totalling movement in our county before prohibition. While the mash bills are likely different, many of the branding elements were inspired from the original design, and presently serves as the template for all of whiskies. DSRye, is a Maryland rye-styled whiskey, where corn is added to contrast the spicy nature of rye and produce a whiskey with more subdued spice and rounder subtler flavors. The sweetness of the corn helps balance the dry spiciness of the rye to yield a spirit that is right at home in a classic Manhattan or sipped on fresh ice.  At least two years in heavily charred white oak barrels, no chill filtering, and ready to rock.

Jennifer Haller